Where should I go?

There are so many interesting, exotic and beautiful destinations out there. How does one choose?
Your Way Travel has created many an ideal vacation based on the time available, number of and ages of the travelers, budget, expectations and desires. We consider ALL of the costs, not just the initial package price. One vacation may appear less costly than another, but what is included? What are your out of pocket expenses once you reach your destination?
There are so many factors to consider, such as the amount of time it takes to get to and from your destination, passports and visas, weather, airport parking and hotels, available transportation, health and safety.
A good travel agent will not only get you the best value for your dollar, but also help you manage your time to the best advantage.

Below is a “Where Do I Want To Go?” Travel Worksheet. Fill out as much or as little as you like. Send me your information and I will be happy to contact you with suggestions.

The whole purpose of YOUR WAY TRAVEL is to focus on your dream trip...your way.

My travel dates or general time period is:
Number of adults:
Number of children:
Ages of children:
Approximate price range:
The more information you provide for us, the better we can help. Please tell us some things that (if possible) would make this trip all you would like for it to be (for example: adults only property, fine dining, soft sand beach, world-class spa, all inclusive property):
Please give us some ideas on things you would like to do on this trip (for example: snorkel, gamble, nothing at all, nightlife/dancing, sailing):
Are you celebrating a special occasion?

If so, what is it and what date?
Have you had any past travel experiences that were very good or very bad that you would like to share with us?
Is there anything else you would like to tell us? (for example: I am a history buff, I am disabled, I dislike small rooms, I love beautiful scenery).
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Additional Comments
Your Way Travel does not charge for our initial consultation. We do, however, ask for a deposit before doing in-depth research. This deposit will be refunded to you after returning from your trip, if booked through Your Way Travel Agency. If you don’t make your travel reservations through us, we retain the deposit to cover the cost of time we spent researching. We want to spend all of the time needed to find the very best vacation for you. This includes checking fares from various airports, different resorts, cruises or tours as well as room or stateroom categories and their locations and much, much more. Read our testimonials on our “about us” page. Our experience, knowledge and expertise are here for you, ready to apply to your vacation.