Packing Tips

You've heard it before and it bears repeating--Pack Light! it's more important today than ever before with airline and tour companies restricting baggage by size, weight and number of bags. In some cases there are huge add-on fees for excess baggage.

So what does packing light mean? First off, you need to be informed about the destination(s) you are traveling to. What is acceptable clothing for the area you are visiting? What are the average weather conditions at the time of year you will be visiting? Are there nights where formal wear is expected? Are you visiting religious sites requiring certain attire? Your Way Travel is here to help answer those questions and more.

Keeping in mind all of these factors, pack clothing that is color coordinated! This is very important when it comes to reducing the number of items packed -- especially those heavy shoes! Pick a basic color such as black, cream or navy and build your travel wardrobe around it.

Think that sounds boring? Accessories are a wonderful way to change the appearance of an outfit--a funky belt or special scarf and chunky, fun jewelry go a long way in extending your options. Just be sure to bring inexpensive, lightweight accessory items.

Plan to layer your clothing. A vest or lightweight sweater or blazer not only changes your look but adds additional warmth when needed.

We've all heard the horror stories...lost baggage...stolen wallets...items left behind in hotel rooms. Unfortunately, these things can and do happen. Protect yourself as best as you can. Leave valuables in the hotel/ship safe when going out for the day. If using a purse, strap it across your body diagonally. Keep your wallet in an inside or front pocket with a zipper or button. Always check before leaving a room or vehicle for the final time for any valuables left behind.

If you are traveling with another person, pack some items in each other’s bags--just in case one bag turns up missing, you will each still have something of your own to wear.

Always, always keep essential items with you in your carry-on bag when traveling. This includes prescription drugs (pack at least for 7 days longer than your actual vacation), eyeglasses, passport, and travel documents to name a few. Other important items to keep with you might include jewelry (please leave the valuable jewelry at home), cameras and a change of clothing. If you where to encounter a travel delay of an extra night or two, those clothes and extra days of prescription drugs will be very handy.

A word about luggage size; just because they make a bag that big does not mean it is an acceptable size for the airline you are traveling on! Airline baggage restrictions can vary greatly, both for size and weight, so know before you go!

Many hotels and shipboard staterooms have safes for little or no charge--use them! Keep any valuables, along with your passports and travel documents inside, removing them only when needed.

Make 2 copies of your passport and driver's license. Leave one copy at home (where someone can get to it if needed) and pack the other copy in a seperate bag from the original document. Why? If any of these items are lost or stolen, your copies will go a long way toward speeding up the process of replacing them.

Tag each piece of luggage (carry-on too!) with your name and an address and phone number you are comfortable with, whether it's your office address or that of your travel agency. Don't advertise that you are away from home by using your home address. Put the same information inside your luggage, just in case the luggage tag gets missing. You will also want to include your destination information, i.e. where you can be reached on your trip. This could be a hotel or ship or simply your cell phone number.

Security at the airport is very strict these days. Your Way Travel has up-to-date information on what you can and cannot bring on board aircraft.