Do I need a Passport Book?
If you are traveling outside of the United States or its territories, the answer is almost always YES! For the latest updates please visit the U.S. Department of State website.

What is a Visa?
An Entry Visa is required by some countries in order to cross their border, as a written form of permission for non-citizens to enter their country. In most cases, a Visa must be obtained before leaving the United States.

Do I need Trip Insurance?
This is certainly your decision to make, but I highly recommend Trip Insurance. If you have a death in your family, or a serious illness occurs, Trip Insurance can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you have to cancel or change your trip. Many Trip Insurance plans also offer emergency medical coverage, which can be very important if your medical insurance does not cover you outside of the United States.

My Credit Card covers me for Travel Accident Insurance, isn’t that the same thing?
No it is not. Travel Accident Insurance is sort of like life insurance, with coverage just for the time you are traveling. Trip Cancellation or Delay is not covered by Travel Accident Insurance.

How much does Trip Insurance Cost?
The cost varies greatly depending upon the duration and cost of your trip, as well as your age group. There also are many types of Trip Insurance plans, even one that lets you “Cancel for Any Reason”. As with all insurance plans, restrictions do apply.

I was interested in a particular destination, but our friends just came back from there and they hated it! How do I choose the right trip for me?
We all have friends we love dearly—but this is not their vacation, it’s yours! Each person is unique—some of us want luxurious accommodations and top notch service—some want outside activities, not caring much where they eat or sleep—and for some it’s all about absorbing….the food, the fragrance, the culture. Let’s plan a trip that fits YOU.

How do I get the most for my money?
Some general, money-saving tips:

  • Travel on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
  • Book your flights early
  • Travel off-season: i.e. Rainy Season, Wintertime
  • Go the extra distance to fly from or to a major international airport
  • Stay as long as you can to offset the cost of getting to your destination
  • Find a travel agent you trust

Do I need certain vaccinations or are there Health Warnings for the area I am traveling to?
This information can change suddenly. Please visit the U.S. Dept. of Health website for the most up-to-date information.

Why should I book my trip with Your Way Travel rather than doing it myself online?
Have you ever talked with someone that went on vacation when the weather was at its worst or the hotel not in a good location?  Mistakes are very easy to make.  A disturbing example (and this really happened): a man booked his family’s overnight flights for a European cruise only to find out he arrived the day AFTER the cruise departed!  What if you found that the hotel you booked for your Honeymoon had one small swimming pool—filled with boisterous children?  Do you lie awake worrying that you may have forgotten something when booking your trip online?  Who do you call with your concerns?

I take the worry and time-consuming research out of booking travel.  I ask probing questions, sometimes reading between the lines and hearing replies you did not know you had.  My clients save money because I look at the whole picture and suggest the best value not necessarily the lowest price.  For example, when arriving at the Venice Airport, one can take a bus to Venice Island.  At a greater cost, but a valuable alternative, is arrival by boat with sweeping views of Venice Island.  Which experience would you choose?  I provide the best experience, not necessarily the most popular route.  I supply tips and details you didn’t know you needed.  Some of my most loyal clients are very experienced travelers with plenty of techno savvy that simply appreciate the time and money I save them and the peace of mind knowing I stand behind them should something go awry.