Fun with Friends

What makes a vacation a great vacation? A perfect destination, good weather and great company!

The perfect destination begins with each of you speaking your mind about your expectations for your upcoming trip.  What MUST you have or feel cheated?  What is the maximum you are willing to spend on this trip?  How many days and what dates are you available?  Do you need time alone too or this trip all about you and your friends?  This is where Your Way Travel can really help by listening to each person’s wants and needs and coming up with suggestions to best fit all of you. 

Weather is always unpredictable but at least you can get yourselves into the right season to fit your expectations.  For example, hurricane season in the Caribbean islands officially begins June 1st and lasts all the way to the end of November.  There are some islands that rarely experience hurricanes at all.  As with most locations worldwide, the hurricane or rain season often offers attractive pricing. 

Hotel rooms are set up to comfortably accommodate 2 adults with sometimes up to 4 adults allowed per room.  Staterooms on ships are typically even smaller.  Consider not only your sleeping accommodations but where to store your clothes and luggage and the time involved in sharing a bathroom. 
Be Honest with each other about your expectations and the amount of time you want to spend with your friend(s).  Discuss each of your habits (i.e. early or late riser?) and limitations (limited mobility, for example) in advance.  Don’t allow your vacation and/or your relationship(s) to suffer due to lack of communication.   To save space in your bags, you may want to share with your roommate so plan in advance.  For example one might bring toothpaste and the other a curling iron.

Sharing the wonders of travel with a friend or group of friends is an experience worth the extra planning and remember, anticipation is half the fun!